Canning Lines

Canning Lines


Alpha proudly presents it's series of canning lines - The Beer Cannon (insert Cider, Wine, Coffee, Cocktail Cannon) - abounding with innovation never before seen on linear canning systems. Our design engineers sought after energy efficiency, simplicity and reliability while focusing on minimal dissolved oxygen pickup and maximum flexibility. The Beer Cannon checks all the boxes! Unique features and innovations include dual lane design, expandability (24 to 80cpm), servo motor technology, patent pending can weigh scale, revolver lid magazine, burst rinse/dry process and much more.

Compare the Beer Cannon to other canning lines and you’ll see the robust build and careful craftsmanship. You’ll see the best value. You’ll see a weapon of mass distribution. There's only one Beer Cannon; the rest are fodder. Put the Cannon on your front line and put profit on your bottom line.

Canning Line | FILLER

  • Dual Lane Design: Alpha’s unique dual lane design provides incredibly low dissolved oxygen levels, smaller footprint and expandability and redundancy.
  • Double Barrel Filler: The Double barrel fill nozzle feature places two fill tubes into each can. This allows faster filling with less space, less energy and fewer moving parts.
  • SmartFill Servo: The vertical motion of the filler is controlled by servo motor. Precision, programmable movement means size change with the push of a button, good foam control, no compressed air, low energy, and no maintenance.


  • The dual lane lid applicator provides easy, 4 bolt size change and fine position adjustment on two axis. Alpha’s unique spring tension lid release bar eliminates the bouncing rollers of yesteryear.


  • The Revolver, high capacity lid magazine leaves all others wanting. When the two active chambers empty, simply twist the magazine 90 degrees and open the slide gates to release lids. When empty, simply lift and replace with the 2nd magazine (included).

Canning Line | LOAD CELL CAN WEIGH STATION (Patented)

  • The check weigh station on the Beer Cannon weighs each can prior to seaming.
  • Operator chooses to seam, or not seam any low fills detected.
  • Low fills are rejected automatically. Load cell also allows prevention of over fill to maximize profit!


  • Seam operation 1 and 2 are controlled by a cam driven by servo motor making precise seam adjustments within a thousandth of an inch possible at the push of a button.
  • Our indexer wheel is also servo driven and provides fast, yet smooth can transition to the load cell, the seamer and back onto the conveyor.
  • The automatic reject arm after the seamer removes low fills, or cans missing lids. This feature reduces loss and prevents substandard product from hitting the shelf.


  • Alpha employs burst rinse and dry technology to wash and dry only the cans and not the space between them helping the Beer Cannon to be perhaps the most energy efficient canning line of its kind.




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Canning Line Videos
Canning Line Filling - Alpha Brewing Operations

Filling Process

Canning Line lid adjustment - Alpha Brewing Operations

Lid Adjustment

Canning Line lid application - Alpha Brewing Operations

Lid Application

Canning Line rinse dry - Alpha Brewing Operations

Rinsing / Drying

Canning Line steaming - Alpha Brewing Operations

Seaming Application

Canning Line weighing - Alpha Brewing Operations

Weighing Cans

Canning Line Videos
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Canning Line Brochure
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