Grist Mills / Grain Handling

Grist Mills / Grain Handling

Being located in the “Cornhusker State” has its advantages. We know our grains. Alpha Brewing Operations supplies premium grain handling equipment built in America’s heartland. Grist mill and auger precision and reliability make all the difference in batch efficiency and your bottom line. Our systems are designed specifically for the needs of brewing craft beer and spirits.

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Grist Mills
Grist Mill Brewery Equipment - Alpha Brewing Operations
Grist Mills

Alpha two roller mills are designed and constructed right here in Lincoln, NE. We will be designing 4 roller systems in 2015. Alpha dust tight mills are designed with efficiency, consistency and safety in mind. Each system comes with the following standard features:

  • Explosion-proof motors and starter boxes
  • A strong magnetic comb to prevent contamination and damage to the mill
  • Durable powder coated steel construction
  • Dual travel indicator gauges measuring 1/1,000th of an inch for precise roller settings
  • 45 Degree oversized hopper for ergonomic grain dumping
  • 304 Stainless steel grille and slide gate for flow control
Grist Hoppers
Grist Hopper Brewery Equipment - Alpha Brewing Operations
Grist Hoppers

Alpha stainless steel grist hoppers are constructed with optimal grain flow and ease of integration in mind. Each system can be suspended, or floor mounted. Hopper volumes range from 40 to 80 cubic feet and custom sizes can be ordered.

Flex Augers
Auger Brewery Equipment - Alpha Brewing Operations
Flex Augers

Alpha supplies flex-flo Auger systems from GSI, the industry leader in grain handling. Alpha Augers include:

  • Extruded PVC tubing formed to exacting standards
  • Blended PVC allows for UV stabilization, strength and wear resistance.
  • Improved dust reduction
  • Protection against pest contamination
  • Reduced operating noise level
  • Completely enclosed, fan cooled direct drive auger motor unit.
  • Increased wall thickness on elbows for increased tensile strength and longevity
Silo Brewing Equipment - Alpha Brewing Operations
  • Load Cells
  • Flow Scales
  • Silos