Tombstone Brewing Company - Tombstone Arizona

Tombstone Brewing Company - Tombstone Arizona

This month’s Brewery Spotlight is all about Tombstone Brewing Company in Tombstone, Arizona.  We had the pleasure of sitting down with Head Brew Master, Weedy Weidenthal, to talk about their new canning line.  Here is what he had to say…

Q: How did your passion for brewing craft beer begin?

Weedy: “The first beers I ever drank were craft beers from Wisconsin when I was 16. Spotted Cow from New Glarus was the first. After enjoying craft beers all around the state, I went back to Alabama and found that there really wasn't much craft beer available (due in part to a limit of 6% ABV on any beers sold in state) and I realized that if I wanted good beer, I was going to have to learn to brew it myself. I brewed my first beers when I was 18 years old and immediately fell in love with the process.”

Q: Where did you get your inspiration for your brewery name?  Is there a back story?

Weedy: “Being located in Tombstone, it was an easy branding decision to go with “Tombstone Brewing Company” as the name is recognizable to a wide variety of people.”

Q: Any awards in the trophy case yet for your brewery?

Weedy: “We won a couple of Arizona Beer Fest awards and we've got a gold medal for our Amber Lager from the World Beer Championships sponsored by the Beer Tasting Institute.”

Q: What has been the most exciting part of starting up your canning line?

Weedy: “I think there's a lot of exciting things about canning, but I think the most exciting of them is that beer sells quicker in cans than it does in kegs. Seeing 375 cases of beer go out the door on the day it is canned is a lot more fun than seeing kegs take a week to sell.”

Q: How many different flavors are you currently canning?

Weedy: “We are a brewery without flagships, so we can 3 new beers every few weeks. The goal is to can 45 total BBL every two weeks and we will rarely produce the same beer twice.”

Q: What made you decide Alpha Brewing Operations when you purchased your Canning Line?

Weedy: “The first line that I was pushing for at Blue Pants was determined by price, modular capability, and customer service. For that brewery, the thought of being able to get up to 70 cans per minute was exciting and getting away from bottling (and all the associated expenses) was a big deal for the profitability of a production brewery in a three-tier state. At Tombstone, my previous experience with Matt and Jon as well were big factors. Looking at the low oxygen level pick up in comparison to competitors as well as faster speed at the same price point as a competitor was the final selling point when I proposed the Alpha line to ownership.”